The Suzuki Method

Language Based Learning

"All Japanese children speak Japanese." -Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

How did you learn your native tongue? Did your parents send you to your room to practice with a grammar book and dictionary? Obviously not! We learned how to speak by engaging and experimenting with those around us. This concept is at the core of the Suzuki Method philosophy. By listening to music in their everyday lives and consistent practice, they build a strong ear and technical ability. Once a student learns the sounds, then they learn the graphic representation on paper. 

Suzuki Triangle

The teacher, parent, and student all play a role in the learning process. The teacher guides the path of learning, and the parent encourages the student to maintain the path while providing a positive environment. The student needs to be his or herself. It is a symbiotic relationship meant not just to create great musicians, but noble hearts.

One Point Learning

In the Suzuki Method, we take small steps towards a larger goal. Proficiency doesn't occur in just one lesson, but over many months or years of dedicated study. Students working under this approach learn one concept at a time, building off the last to create effortless mastery.